Renewable Energy Facts


The central Gulf States have an average of five hours of sunlight each day, 50% more than the largest solar market in the world (Germany).

The Department of Energy announced recently that the central Gulf States have some of the country’s best offshore wind potential, along with an experienced marine service industry.

The many rivers of the Gulf States have enough potential hydrokinetic energy to provide over 50% of the region’s baseload energy demand.

A properly installed solar photovoltaic (PV) installation can withstand winds of 140 mph or more, and continue producing power for 35-40 years.

Market prices for solar PV modules have dropped 40% since 2003, with installed global capacity growing at over 30% per year.

The state of Texas now has nearly 10 GW of Wind Energy installed or under construction.

Some utilities in the country now provide between 40% and 60% of their electrical supply from renewable sources.

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