Residential Solar Energy

To help evaluate whether a home solar electric system will work for you, you should consider the following:

  • Arnaudville LAYour available solar resource — do you have clear and unobstructed access to sunlight for most or all of the day, throughout the year?
  • The system size — do you have a roof or area large enough to accommodate it?
  • The economics — is it worth the investment?
  • Local permits and covenants — are there any issues with installing a system?

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If you are looking for information on how much a PV system will cost consider:

  • What is the payback period without subsidies?
  • What are my states net metering laws?
  • How many kilowatts of power does my home need?

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about residential PV systems:



If you’re ready to purchase a PV system, you can find a solar installer here:

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