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    GSREIA currently represents 100 member companies from across the Gulf States and the US.

  • Joule Workers on Roof

    Solar is the Future: The Louisiana solar industry has grown from 5 firms to approximately 200 firms in the last five years.

  • solar rooftops

    The installation of solar PV creates 8x the jobs of coal or natural gas.

  • 53

    Residents who use solar power have lower energy bills allowing them more disposable income to invest in their communities.

  • Solar Installers

    The Louisiana solar tax credit incentive program returns 75% of each dollar invested back to the state.

  • Louisiana Solar Customer

    Solar companies in the Gulf South have saved their customers more than $1 million dollars in energy costs.

  • GSREIA & Policy Makers Meeting

    GSREIA brings together industry leaders and policymakers to facilitate renewable energy best practices.

Member Profile

Acme International Services, Inc.

Acme International Services, Inc. (AISI) is a family owned business based out of Sumerdale, AL.


Project Profile

Louisiana Voices of Solar

The solar community is made up of people from across the state and of every walk of life. Listen to our individual stories that showcase the many ways solar is improving lives and moving Louisiana forward.


Industry Impacts

Learn more about the current job growth and future economic potential of renewable energy in the Gulf States.


Louisiana Solar Tax Credit – Retroactive Cuts Hurting Families

Are you a solar homeowner affected by changes in the Louisiana solar tax credit? Please see bottom of page for resources and how to register for any updates. Background on the retroactive credit change: New information was published on approximately …

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The Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association (GSREIA) represents Solar and Renewable Energy firms throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in matters of policy, regulation, and public relations. GSREIA is a non-profit, open-membership trade association with an elected board and officers, advocating to benefit the region’s economy and environment.